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January 26th till 28th 2018 in Cologne, Germany

This is a unique workshop for people who seek Happiness, Love & Positive Living - Develop your Potential Through Joy and Rhythm. ..

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SomFala is an experiential workshop that incorporates rhythm, drumming, voice, mindfullness, movement, storytelling and laughter.

We believe in a new paradigm where Creativity is at the service of communities and individuals, contributing to their development, well-being and physical, emotional and spiritual health.

SomFala is an innovative workshop, that will allow you to live a unique experience that opens new perspectives about yourself, others and life itself.
High transformational learning that you can apply in your personal and professional life to achieve all the results you desire and the life you always dreamed.
SomFala is a creative Lab where we reconnect with our center and celebrate the healing energy of the Heart.

You will meet extraordinary people, make new friendships and connected with people that, like you, want to make a difference in the world.

Listen your unique Rhythm!
Rhythm is an ancient form to develop counciousness. In our daily demanding life many times we loose the contact with our inner rhythm, SomFala alignes and sincronizes our Souls Pace.

Awake your Body & Mind!
Let´s awake our social, mental, spiritual and creative faculties and go back to our body wisdom.

Celebrate Life!
In all ancient tribes music and dance was a way to Celebrate, Heal, Inspire, Motivate and strengthen individual and collective consciousness

By recovering imagination, Joy and creativity we release old beliefs, reinforce our confidence and self-esteem and take the most important decision of all: Recover your own personal power.


January 26th till 28th 2016 in Cologne - Sign up here...

Seminar Schedule

Friday from 19:00 till 22:00
Saturday from 10:00 till 22:00
Sunday from 10:00 till 15:00


€ 250,00 / person; repeaters € 125,00


Kula and Sofia "Rit'mundo" from Portugal, well-known as instructors for "Laughter Yoga University" Festival, see www.ritmundo.com


 Ballett Dance Akademie KölnWaltherstraße 49-51, 51069 Köln Dellbrück, Germany

Accommodation: For guests from outside it is possible to sleep in the seminar room from Friday till Monday (cost: € 15,00/ night, on the mattress, sleeping bag should be brought; showers are available).

For those who prefer a hotel, find this hotel in walking distance: Hotel UHU Garni

Contact, registration and more information

Angela Mecking, Tel. +49-2272-4074930, cell phone: +49-179-6449526, info [at] lachen-verbindet.de

More information about the contents of the Workshop

Kula and Sofia Morada : Sintra - Colares

Tel: (+351) 219 292 900

Tm: (+351) 964 444 159 / 910 911 300 / 969 021 081

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